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How can I stop my bathroom mirror from fogging up


I Can See Clearly Now: Simple Tricks for Defogging Bathroom Mirrors
It’s one of the most common minor household difficulties: You’re fresh out of the shower, either looking to admire your work after washing your hair or keen to get in the mirror to shave while your skin and hair are still nice and pliable, and you’re greeted by an opaque surface of gray fog that reflects only the mist in your bathroom. You wipe it away with your towel only for it to reappear by the time you’ve hung it back on the rack.
When you are in absolute need of a mirror at the moment, having yours fog over can seem like the most frustrating thing in the world. Of course, a fogged bathroom mirror is a minor annoyance that can be solved through natural means and household dexterity as well as by technological measures such as heated mirrors, but understanding the solutions starts with understanding the process.
Why Does My Mirror Fog Up?
The fog on your bathroom mirror is caused by an effect known as condensation, a process by which moisture is extracted from the air by its decreasing temperatures. Rapidly falling air temperatures cause condensation because cool air holds less water than warm air, and the balance is deposited on any available surface. Continue reading How can I stop my bathroom mirror from fogging up