Original Wedding venue ideas that haven’t been done to death

It’s really difficult to be original when you’re planning a wedding. You’re always going to have some similarities between weddings; that’s natural. What you don’t want is for your day to just blend in with every other wedding your guests have been to. You want it to be a day that people remember, in a good way. Choosing a wedding venue that isn’t run of the mill is a great way to make your wedding stand out from the crowd.

Speak to staff at the venues you’re looking at and ask them to help with your ideas for the day. They’re professionals and they’re only too happy to provide tips for bar mitzvahs, engagements and other social events, as well as weddings. We’re going to take a look at some more unusual venues that you may want to add to your list.


Going to the zoo
There aren’t many people about who don’t love a trip to the zoo. It starts when you’re a kid on family and school trips, and you never grow out of your fascination with the sea lions and the big cats. On your wedding day why not take your guests back to childhood, and choose the zoo as your wedding venue. The really great news is that often at least some of the money you spend goes to help conservation programs. You have yourself a wedding day that everyone is sure to remember and you do a good deed at the same time.

Go rustic in the Catskills
Just a couple of hours away from Manhattan are the Catskills. If you’re tired of the city and you want to get some fresh air on your wedding day, you can get back to nature at one of several great rural locations. You can celebrate your special day amongst the hay bales and enjoy being rural. As many people go urban with champagne receptions you can be different and get back to the America of simpler times. The idyllic scenery creates the perfect romantic backdrop as you start married life together.


Do it yourself
Do it yourself isn’t so much about the wedding venue as it is about the concept of the wedding. It doesn’t so much matter where you choose as your venue; as it does that you’re making your day exactly what you want it to be. Do it yourself weddings can be the most personal and often people choose to hold them in their own back yard.
Whereas not very long ago do it yourself just meant everyone thought you were cheap, now it’s quirky and cool. You can get your sister to bake a cake, your friend can supply home grown flowers and you can create your own hand designed wedding shoes from a pair of plain pumps. One thing you can be sure of is that every part of the day will have special meaning to you.


Any of our suggestions make excellent venues for a wedding. Of course, the choice is yours. From a ball park to a rooftop, there aren’t many places you can’t get married. Wherever you choose we’re sure it’ll be a magical day.

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