Making your own mobile for your baby – Baby crib mobile, safari mobile, animal mobile, jungle mobile, owl mobile, bird mobile






Why don’t you make your OWN MOBILE for YOUR BABY?
Please pick 6 items from 27 pictures below and pick hanger color, too.(yellow, green, pink, Ivory, brown)
1.Parrot / 2.Fox / 3.squirrel
4.Bear / 5.Sun / 6.Hippo
7.Tiger / 8.Deer / 9.Bird
10.Elephant / 11.Alligator / 12.Giraffe
13.Lion / 14.Rainbow / 15.Zebra
16.Rhino / 17.Owl / 18.Monkey
19.Pig / 20.Hen / 21.Tree
22.Lamb / 23. Butterfly / 24.Cow
25.Farm house / 26.Duck / 27. Donkey
You can mix and match whatever you want. You may make your mobile with only one kind of animal. I’ll add some leaves, flowers or mushrooms on the upper part of string.
If you want different color of animal, feel free convo me.
They are suspended from a green wood hanger, about 13′ x 13″.
This item made by hand – no machines involved.
I hand-cut, hand-sewn each item with quality wool felt and hypo-allergenic cluster fiber.
The wood hangers are also handcrafted.
And it is possible to make it so the animals appear to be looking down. Please leave a note when you check out for it.
Making each mobile with lots of love and care!
You can easily hang this from a ceiling hook and extend with ribbon, string or add a crib clamp attachment.
13″ in height (from wood hanger to the lowest plush)
13″ in width

Check them out at feltnjoy

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