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Five Home Decorating Tools that you can’t do without

5 tools that every home decorator should own

Five Home Decorating Tools that you can’t do without

If you’re about to embark on a home decorating job you need to make sure that you have the right tools for the task. If you don’t do this then it’s going to cause you problems along the way.
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Suitcases for decoration


“Vintage suitcases are also really easy to find at flea markets, thrift stores and antique stores. I think you can get the coolest ones for the best prices at flea markets, in my experience an average size suitcase should range from $20 to $40, depending on the time period, make, etc. Vintage suitcases from the 20′s to 60′s are great to use in interior design because of the hard casing, which makes them perfect for tables and anywhere you need a hard surface and they also provide storage! The vintage finish on the suitcases brings texture, color and history to a space and is well suited (ha) for various interior design styles from eclectic to boho or shabby chic.
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Watch Them Grow!


Rootvue Farm® is a garden laboratory which shows children the underground process of vegetables as they grow from seed to harvest.
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The Aquaponics Fish Garden


“Growing pretty herb gardens inside your home is not only trendy and healthy, but a great way to start putting fresh home-grown ingredients back into your diet. There are lots of ways to grow herbs, inside or outside, but none that are quite as cool as on an Aqua Farm.
The Aqua Farm combines two traditional items into one: a fish tank and a garden. You can grow basil, mint, parsley, spinach, baby greens or other great foods right on top of a fish tank. Using the science of aquaponics the Aqua Farm transforms your fish’s waste into nutrients for the plants, then, the plants clean the fish’s water. Everybody is happy! No soil or fertilizer is needed.”
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Ever Tire of Flowers?


A couple of old tires and a plain shed wall become blooming art!
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