Can you be in the House at the Same Time the Treatment is Being Done?

Can you be in the House at the Same Time the Treatment is Being Done?

Can you be in the House at the Same Time the Treatment is Being Done?
Pests control has blossomed into a nearly $8 billion a year industry, so it is no surprise that you will have your house inspected, fumigated, and sprayed for bugs at some point in your life. It’s important to note that major pest control companies use the smallest amount of poison for each job to reduce any chances of contamination. You should research exterminators to find a company that uses chemicals you are comfortable having in your home. Many of these chemicals do not affect fully grown adults, but they can have harmful side effects on pets, small children, and pregnant women.

These poisons often attack the nervous system of the pests and pregnant women should take extra precautions during their first trimester when the child is developing this system. A pest infestation will not wait for an ideal time for you, and there may be several important reasons that make you want to stay home while the exterminator is working. The ultimate decision comes down to the exterminator and the work he is doing around your home.
Before an exterminator sprays any chemicals around your home, they will perform a thorough inspection of the property. You can stay home during this period since they will not use harmful chemicals. It’s important to understand that the professional is there to perform a duty and you should leave them to work so all their attention is focused on the task at hand. Depending on the size of your infestation they may recommend using baits around the property to attempt to poison the pests. Again, you can be home while they are planting the bait, if you don’t interfere with their work.
Larger infestations will require the use of a chemical spray that will both kill insects that encounter it, and prevent other insects from entering the home. Any time a chemical is sprayed in the air you must avoid the house for several hours after it has been sprayed. An exterminator will use safety gear and masks to avoid inhaling these chemicals. I suppose you could sit in your home in a hazmat suit, but this is unlikely. Once you return to your home you must open all the windows and doors and spend an additional hour, or two outside to let the home properly air out.
In the most extreme cases, you will need to have your home fumigated and you must stay away for a predetermined amount of time. These chemicals are toxic and you could quickly become delirious and die. This process can take as little as six hours, or as long as a week. You will be notified ahead of time so you can make arrangements for your family. Under no circumstances are you to enter your home once the fumigation process has begun. Your exterminator will give you a list of instructions that you must follow upon reentering your home.

Can you be in the House at the Same Time the Treatment is Being Done


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